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Climate action made easy.


Climate action made easy.


Climate action made easy.

How Ripple can help your business

Reduce your emissions

Your wind farm will supply your business with green, zero carbon electricity, via the grid. A key part of your net zero strategy.

unify energy 2 or reduce your emissions

Your own renewable energy asset, without the hassle

Unlike many corporate PPAs and green tariffs, with Ripple you are directly adding to the UK's renewable energy capacity.

Genuine impact. Real additionality.

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Reduce your electricity costs

Enjoy low and stable priced electricity from your wind farm throughout its 25 year lifetime. Ripple puts you in control of your energy costs, giving you peace of mind for the long term.

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Demonstrate your commitment to a greener, better world

Ripple gives you easy access to your clean energy data so you can share it with employees and colleagues. It can also be easily integrated into your sustainability reporting.

unify energy 3 or demonstrable action

Choice of energy supplier

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Ripple is working with E.ON Next and Unify Energy in anticipation of them becoming supply partners in the coming months. This will offer you a simple way to power your businesses with its own source of green, low cost power. You don't need to switch to E.ON Next or Unify Energy just yet, we can time your switch to coincide with your next contract renewal. You just need to be switched by the time the wind farm starts operating so your savings can be applied to your energy bill.

How it works


We calculate your ownership plan

We use your annual consumption to calculate how much of the wind farm you need to own. We'll also show you expected electricity bill savings. You can build up your ownership across a number of different projects, to reach your net zero goal gradually.

Switch energy supplier

If you are not already supplied by one of Ripple's utility partners we can help switch you ahead of the wind farm becoming operational. This ensures your electricity from your wind farm is supplied to your business.

Ripple manages your wind farm's construction

Once the project is full and the wind farm is fully funded, Ripple will manage the construction of the wind farm.

Cost savings are passed on to your bill

Once the wind farm is operational, you will start seeing the savings on your electricity bill.

Want to know more about your bill savings?

Everything you need to know

Here are the details about Kirk Hill, your ownership and Ripple in one place. Please read them before joining.

Share offer document

Sets out the details of this share offer and how we estimate members' savings.

Customer agreement

The agreement between members and Ripple.

Co-op rules

The rules approved by the FCA (a combined version that is easy to read).


Our terms and conditions.

Interested to find out more?

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