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Enable employees to own their green power

Find out how to power your business with green energy today

How Ripple can help your employees

Share your climate values with your employees

Help your employees act on climate change at home as well as at work.

A typical employee could save around 1,300kgCO2 per year.8 Start a Ripple effect in your business.

share your climate values

Give employees a remote working benefit

Ripple enables you to part-fund or gift employees a small share in a solar park or wind farm to cover their home working electricity use.

It's an easy and inspiring way to ensure electricity associated with home working complements your company's zero carbon goals.

remote working benefit

Retain and attract talent

Employees expect their employers to commit to better, with nearly 73% of office workers wanting their workplace to improve its environmental and sustainability policy.9

Ripple is a great way to demonstrate your green employer credentials.

retain and attract talent

Save time and money with a simple, hassle free process

We make the promotion and sign up process simple and easy by supporting your employee engagement journey from start to finish. We’ll provide everything you need to set your employees up with their ownership plan.

save time and money

Enhance your current benefits package

With flexible options in how you use and distribute your Ripple account, you can part match-fund or gift your employees shares in their own wind farm or solar park. With the option to link up to your existing employee benefits platform, we want to make it as simple as possible for you and your employees to benefit from green energy ownership.

enhance your benefits

Interested to find out how Ripple can benefit your business?

How it works


Introduce Ripple to your employees

We can help you promote Ripple to your employees via your existing engagement channels.

Employees calculate an ownership plan that’s right for them

With our online ownership calculator, your employees can work out the amount of shares they needed to generate their total home electricity consumption. They can then use the slider to find the perfect budget and savings balance to suit them.

Employees sign up to Ripple using their company email address

Through their work email, your employees will be able to access any preferential discounts to their Ripple shares. This can be changed when sign up is complete if preferred by your employee.

Ripple manages your employee’s solar park or wind farm’s construction

Once the project is full and the project is fully funded, Ripple will manage the construction. You and your employees own it. We build it.

Cost savings are passed on to your employees’ bills

Once the solar park or wind farm is operational, your employees will start seeing the savings on their electricity bills, every month for the lifetime of the project.