At Ripple Energy we never make unsolicited calls. It has been reported to us tha... More

At Ripple Energy we never make unsolicited calls. It has been reported to us that fraudsters are impersonating us and cold calling businesses. We believe the fraudsters are impersonating us to gain your trust for their own personal gain. Please be careful and let us know if you receive such calls. We are looking into reporting this to the police.

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Ripple for partners

Ripple for partners

Ripple for partners

How Ripple can help your clients

Are your clients looking to meet net zero targets? Ripple for Business can be a great way to help them reach their goals, simply and affordably.

Meet net zero targets, simply

Help clients start their net zero journey. Joining Ripple is a simple way to reduce CO2 emissions, with energy they know comes from a truly renewable source.

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SECR Reporting & Scope 2 savings

Ripple Reporting allows historic, realtime, future generation data to be fed into either your Ripple dashboard or your energy management system. This allows you to track and report on the impact you are having.

secr reporting

Tailored ownership

We understand that all businesses are different. Your client's ownership can be built up over a number of Ripple projects, both solar parks and wind farms, to fit with their net zero target.

very flexible

Reduce energy costs

Solar and wind are amongst the lowest cost electricity around. Your clients could reduce their electricity costs by around 23% by owning part of a solar park or wind farm.1

23 percent reduction bills

How it works


Tailored plans

Talk to us about your client’s circumstance - we can work together to devise a plan that will hit their goals best.

Join Ripple

Your client can choose how much of the project they want to own. When your clients join Ripple they become part of the cooperative society which owns the solar park or wind farm.

Hassle-free green electricity

Ripple does the work of constructing the project so you and your client can get on with your jobs with peace of mind. The cheap, truly green electricity is supplied to your client, via the grid.

Interested to find out more?

Contact us to have a chat about how Ripple can benefit you.

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